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Experienced Criminal Defense In Houston

If you have been charged with a DWI or criminal offense, you need a lawyer who can assess the charges and fight for the best outcome possible.

The Law Office of Jose Molina, PLLC, has been working in criminal defense since 2002 in Houston. We know how an offense such as a drunken driving charge or a minor drug possession can damage your career, family relationships, your record or your immigration status. You life can be forever changed.

We have the experience with local courts in this area of Texas to help you work toward a way to resolve the case with the most minimal effect on your life.

When Does A DWI Become A Felony Criminal Charge In Texas?

It can depend on a host of factors, including whether you have any previous offenses and how many; if there was a child in the vehicle; whether you hold a commercial driver's license; and whether someone was killed or injured as a result.

With each offense, the fines, jail time and other penalties increase for DWI. Depending on those factors, if you are charged with a third-offense DWI, it is considered a felony.

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A DWI or criminal charge threatens to hurt every aspect of your life. Contact our office today at 281-975-4728 to arrange a consultation and work toward a resolution of your case. You want to move past these charges. Attorney Jose Molina can help.

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