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What The Best Interests Of The Child Means For Your Family

These are trying times for your family. As you begin to picture what your life will be like when parenting together, yet not as couple, you fear conflict. You are probably worried about losing precious moments with your child or children. You wonder how you will ever resolve custody matters.

You have options. Attorney Jose Molina can provide the insight, guidance and advocacy you need to work toward your goals for child custody.

Texas family courts consider the best interest of the child when determining whether to grant joint custody.

Here are some factors that can influence a judge's custody ruling: the physical and emotional health of a child, the child's education, distance between the parent's homes and the child's own wishes. They also can consider whether each parent would support the child having a healthy relationship with the other parent.

Despite the contentious nature of many divorces and family law conflicts, taking your spouse to court is not always the best route to resolution. Attorney Jose Molina is comfortable and confident in trial, but knows that finding amicable and cooperative solutions through negotiation can often give families more lasting and mutually beneficial custody agreements.

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